Monday, January 30, 2006

A bit of a writing brag

I have been pursuing a few leads into the world of book reviewing. My goal is to increase my "clips" file (for those who aren't into the whole freelance writing world, very often editors want to see the prospective author's clips--what she has had published before). I have had four articles published (in print) over the course of the past seven years. That isn't really a whole lot! :) I have had probably twenty published in various online newsletters (not including a certain opinion-posting website, on which I earned over $100 for the year I wrote for them, but now I refuse to acknowledge their existence because they allow blatant lies and libel to remain on their site).

That said, I am now a reviewer for, Debbie's women's newspaper called "Creative Grace,"and I am going to blog for I am also a staff writer for!
Brooke Lea Foster's ACOD book came out this past week, and I was *supposed* to get my copy today, but no brown truck at my house. I'm very sad. Hopefully tomorrow! Then I can read it and add its statistics and wisdom to my article about ACODs and resubmit it to another magazine since a certain-shall-remain-nameless Christian Women's Magazine didn't want it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Writer's Circle

Hey there! I haven't blogged on this blog in a while.

I had writer's circle today in my town. After they ripped apart a piece of my novel, they told me it was good. Interesting, eh?

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