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I haven't made this really "public," but I signed up last summer for a Long Ridge Writers Group course. Not the long expensive one, but the shorter "writing fiction and nonfiction" course. I've turned in all of two writing assignments in eight months! (Teaching really gets in the way of my writing...)

I got my second assignment, a short story, back from my instructor yesterday.


The story is a reworked portion of my first NaNo novel called "The Journal." It's based on a real, partially used gratitude journal I found in a thrift store.

She liked it!!!!!

I have never considered fiction to be "my genre." I usually tend toward personal reflection/essay/devotional. I don't have training in creative writing. I really don't have training in journalism, but I do have two correspondence courses in journalism from University of Arkansas on my transcript! For that matter, the only "training" I have is in writi…