Saturday, May 13, 2006

GF Good News

Grand Forks has two Targets (one is on base!), a Walmart, three Starbucks (one inside Target), TWO MALLS!!!, a Barnes & Noble on campus at the University of North Dakota, a Michael's and a Joann's (for yarn, of course) , a scrapbook store, and a LOT of local color restaurants.

See? It's not going to be THAT BAD. Plus, I'll be a six-hour drive from my mom and sis, and I haven't lived that close to Mom in a long time, and my sister NEVER.

AND...this is the largest place we've lived since 1993, when we left the KC metro area.

I am sad to leave here, where we've built relationships and have my husband's family close, but I am excited to go and build a new life in the Air Force. Is there anything wrong with that?

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