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A Soldier's Family

Poor Airman Manny! He turns his life over to the Lord, and then nearly dies when his parachute doesn't open during a PJ training exercise. He has to recuperate in Refuge, Illinois, at his friend Joel and Amber's, where he often runs into Celia, Amber's best friend. Celia, the hot tamale he tried to pick up at the wedding, who turned him down flat.

Author Cheryl Wyatt gives a solid second-in-a-series offering in A Soldier's Family, part of her Wings of Refuge series. This story is more family than soldier, as Manny is not on active duty while recuperating from his parachuting accident; this book has a different flavor and focus than the first in the series, which told Joel and Amber's story. Manny and Celia are an interesting couple, both with their own issues and quirks and foibles. Both have been hurt, and neither is ready to trust or love until the time is right. Because this is Love Inspired, you are assured not only of a happy ending, but also of spiritual lesso…