Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Simply Tuesday Giveaway

A year ago we were unpacking boxes and making our Georgia house a home. A year ago I stared at the mountain of boxes in the garage, thinking I'd never make my way through them all (still haven't, to be honest; but it's down to only a handful of my own stuff rather than the family's, and they're stored in the garage's perimeter). A year ago I didn't have a job. A year ago I had just finished reading Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman, and I was mulling over how in the world I could be happy with the small and mundane of life.

I hope you haven't forgotten about this book. I haven't.

A year after reading it for the first time, marking the advance copy (pictured on the left) with my notes and observations, I have been thinking about how I can incorporate the "It's simply Tuesday" idea into my own classroom this coming year. I would like for my students to be thoughtful and observant, and maybe I'm being idealistic in believing brand-new high school students will be able to settle down into this--but I'm going to try anyway.

In the spirit of sharing and collaboration, I am going to give away the pretty, shiny, new copy pictured on the right. To enter, please leave a comment below. If you share this giveaway on your social media platform, let me know. (I can see the shares on Facebook, but if you share on Instagram or Twitter, tag me with @pattierwr so I can give you an extra entry.)

The winner of the book will be chosen on Tuesday, July 12 - sometime in the evening Eastern time.

Finally, for the observant reader who may not have heard: Yes, I got a teaching job for the fall! I'll be teaching freshman English at my daughter's high school. The rest of my "summer break" will be sprinkled with planning, professional learning opportunities, and meetings.

**The winner...Deborah! Thanks so much!** Comments will now be turned off.

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