Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Query, query, query

I have had this idea for an article, and I need to send a query letter to Today's Christian Woman. I have intended to do this since last year, but I haven't.

Until now.

Today I got the July/August issue of TCW; in it there's a letter answered by Dr. Leslie Parrott about a woman who is dealing with her parents' divorce after decades of marriage. Dr. Parrott said in her response that she herself has dealt with this situation.

I have wanted to pitch an article about being an ACOD for probably two years or more. Now that I'm almost three years away from the original split of my parents, I feel I have enough levity to tackle it with more objectivity.

I am very nervous about the query, but I think with the books I have (Shirley Kawa-Jump's and of course Writer's Market) I should be fine. I hope.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The whole writing thing...

Just a hodgepodge because I feel like venting and don't want to put this on my xanga.

I started reading a great little book called Pen on Fire. The first assignment is to write a letter to a friend who thinks she's not a writer. Surprise, surprise, the next assignment is to write a letter to yourself for the same reason. Guess what? I encourage one of my best friends ALL THE TIME to write, yet when it all goes down, I feel the same as she does. I need the encouragement that I wrote to myself.

I've been spending this evening looking at websites of freelance writers, wondering what the heck my problem is that I am not doing it too.

Also, here on Blogger I have gotten into the 13 Journals Project. The link is: I am excited about this and the hamster is running on the wheel in my brain to gather ideas.

I had a writer's group meeting today. Got an "eh" response on my piece. I know why. It was unfocused and random. A draft, certainly, but not that great.

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