Thursday, June 08, 2006

Purging da traish

I think I've got to be one of those people who has trouble throwing stuff away, until I'm in a position where I'm forced to do so. Well, now I'm being forced to do so. I think I have issues with stuff! I don't think I'm as bad as the people you see on TV talk shows who have trash piled up in the corners of their houses, but I do save everything, ad nauseum. Not anymore...I'm purging!

This afternoon, the remains of the yard sale (currently loaded on our trailer, which we are also trying to sell) go to the brand-new Salvation Army Thrift Store in our city. Yay! I'd say 80-90% of our stuff was really pretty good, just superfluous. Maybe it will help others.

OK, off I go to purge some more.

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