Monday, July 24, 2006


My most recent assignment for my Long Ridge course was a nonfiction article. I was under a time crunch because of our move, so I "cheated" and pared down my article about Adult Children of Divorce and sent it to her. The one that I poured weeks into, my heart into, when it was requested on spec from A Famous Christian Women's Magazine (ahem)--and was subsequently rejected, the pathos of which is recorded in this blog.

Anyway, after being chastised by my instructor for its being too long (over twice the assignment length, oy!), she did give me many compliments, and she also suggested I focus on writing articles rather than fiction. It is nice to have someone who's read both my fiction and nonfiction attempts and tell me what my strength is.

Come to think of it, the 'burg Writers' Circle did the same thing.

So, after my kids are back in school, and I have eliminated the Brown Cardboard Box decor from my house, I will buckle down and write. Write write write. Edit and pare down. Stop being so dang longwinded!

Affirmation and constructive criticism is easier to take from afar, I think.

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Maria said...

you..... long winded....... I don't see it.......

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