Monday, September 18, 2006

I decided to post this here instead of my other blog. Not sure why.

I inadvertently clicked on a few links and found that the woman who hurt me so badly five years ago has a couple of new businesses, one of which is helping others.

I have to question her motivation based on what I knew about her when we were friends, and what I learned after we weren't. She also hedged some facts in her bio (would you want to let potential clients know that the reason you had to downsize was because your husband was in prison? Nah, me either).

But a part of me wishes her well. I am changed because of the effect her actions had on me, and I've grown in my faith.

Besides, look at us now. We are in the Air Force in North Dakota! Even a year ago I would have never guessed this life for us.

How do you know...

if your writing is any good?

Friday, September 08, 2006

It's a gorgeous sunny Friday in GF ND and it's a whoppin' 54 degrees!!! (No I'm not kidding...)

It feels like a late October day in Missouri. I'm seasonally messed up, but I'm SO lovin' the city thing. I went to get my hair cut and got a cappuccino at Starbucks this morning. And I only had to drive about three miles to get there!

For those who don't know, the Women @ Home Ministry has moved. You can find us here now. We're all hoping it's the last move we have to make. Four moves in two years is just goofy.

I thought I'd also plug my friend Angela (fondly known as AGK!)'s new endeavor. She has decided to tell her story, finally, and after waiting with bated breath, Chapter 1 is available. Here's her site: When I Was 13.

So, I've been asked several times, what are my goals for this school year, now that I'm not working and my kids are in school?

I don't have a good answer. My general answer is to keep up with my household duties and write. But all I've done is drown myself in chick lit from the library (sort of like a mental chocolate-gorging session, if you want to know the truth) and dash off a few clips to the local paper (they publish a women's magazine and I've applied to be a freelancer with them). Oh, and collect a nice pile of advance galleys to read for book reviews.

I also joined the praise team at our new church, which is the Protestant chapel on base. I filled in on Sunday and got no fewer than six people who complimented ME specifically, and the leader guy asked me if I'd stay on, so I said yes. I've been dreaming of being on a praise team for years, and I started out being on the one at our home church, but it was usually only two of us (three on a good Sunday). I am hoping to grow as a singer this way, but more than that, I am THRILLED to use the pipes God gifted me with to praise HIM!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Semi-anonymous blogger

I have kept this blog sorta on the down-low for a while now. It's more of my writing goals blog, but I've done my fair share of venting here also.

I sent an email inquiry late Friday afternoon, not expecting to hear anything. Later that evening there was a reply. I inquired about freelancing for the freebie women's magazine that's published by the newspaper here in Grand Forks. The contact person said he wanted to hear back from me with writing samples (which I'd linked in the email; he must've missed them), and he also said the Editor position for this publication was open. I found the job description and YIKES, I'm so NOT trained, etc. for that job. But I think it would be fun to freelance for the magazine! So I might soon have a job.

I sang in the praise team at chapel and they liked me! They really liked me and want me to stay! One of my friends asked, "Did you have any doubt?" and I said "YES I did!" I always have doubts. I figured I was a fill-in only. Well, nope. They want me to stay. :)

We are headed to Canada for the day tomorrow, eh? It will be fun to go to another country for a change!