Sunday, April 15, 2007


I love the definition of serendipity from the movie of the same name. Kate Beckinsale's character tells John Cusack's character that serendipity is a "fortunate accident."

Today I had an instance of serendipity. On my front lawn. And I'm not sure if I came off looking better or worse!

Today we had SUPERB weather for North Dakota. It hit 64* today! EVERYONE was out walking or biking or motorcycling, or just out for a drive with the windows down. My next-door neighbor, who moved in during the winter, started a walk, saw me sitting in a chair on my front lawn (keeping an eye on the kids playing across the street), and came over. She looked familiar, but I couldn't place her face. She introduced herself just as a car drove by, and I asked her to repeat her name, and then I said (in my best "ooh I'm such a fan" voice), "oh! You're the former editor of the women's magazine in town!" She laughed and said yes. I then told her how the current editor rejected my article query, and I launched into this whole thing. She graciously gave me an idea of someone to contact about it.

I just hope I didn't come across as stalker-ish as it seems as I retell this story!

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