Saturday, August 11, 2007

Book To Movie #1: Legally Blonde

First in this challenge (I had to read it early so I could send the book to my sister, so she could read it before her school year starts):
Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown
I watched the movie before I knew it was a book, and then I couldn't find the book until this summer, when I discovered it at a Half Price Books in Minnesota. It didn't take me long to read it, and I have to say I enjoyed it...but this is one of those rare cases where I believe I liked the movie better.
Most of the characters are the same, basically, but instead of trekking all the way to Harvard, Elle only follows her ex-boyfriend Warner from LA to Stanford, which puts her not as far away from her friends as she was in the movie. She's still a "fish out of water," though.Elle still gets the internship to help with Brooke's trial, and she still nails Chutney. But no Luke Wilson character, and that makes me sad. It does, however, show that Elle can do it all on her own.
I think the book is a good one, but I enjoyed the movie better.


Callista said...

Good review, I was going to do this book for the challenge originally but my library didn't have it.

I've added a link to your review.

soleil said...

that's funny that you say that. i found the book when it first came out (which was after the movie came out) and i absolutely hated it. i liked the movie a lot better and i promptly put the book in my donate pile. nice to see i wasn't the only one who liked the movie better. and if i'm not mistaken, there was a sequel to the book. . .

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