Friday, December 21, 2007

FALL into Reading

Get Ready, Get Set, Let's READ!!!
Katrina at Callapidder Days has a Mr. Linky ready to go if you're interested in signing up for this reading challenge! Click on the adorable graphic to the left for "the rules," and click here to sign up.

AND...there are going to be prizes! I will consider it a fall cleaning of out the TBR pile that threatens to take over my living room. Plus, finishing books helps clear the mind clutter. Enjoy the crisp fall weather, because especially here in North Dakota, it won't be long before fall turns into a snowy, below-freezing winter.

The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs Finished 10-28-07
Knitting Under the Influence - Claire LeZabnik - Finished 9-27-07
Get Out of That Pit - Beth Moore (finish)
The Begotten and The Betrayed - Lisa Tawn Bergren (review)
The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult (also a Reading the Author challenge book)
Sacred Marriage - Gary Thomas (reading with a group of gals from W@H)


WELL. As you can see, I did not even finish half my list! I have decided that I cannot do too many challenges anymore. Plus, I went back to work outside the home, and like I told my husband, "This job really cuts into my reading time!" Internet and writing time as well.

Regardless, I do intend to finish these books at some point, but obviously not by the end of this challenge! So, I have to consider this challenge incomplete.



I saw "The Friday Night Knitting Club" while out the other day. I was tempted to buy it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

The Friday Night Knitting Club looks interesting. I'm going to have to check it out.

Happy reading!

Katrina said...

Good list! I just read Sacred Parenting this summer and really loved it. I've heard that Sacred Marriage is just as good. Thanks for being part of Fall into Reading!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I want to read some of Gary Thomas' stuff myself, and have Sacred Parenting on my Fall list.

Lana G! said...

Happy Reading!

Nise' said...

Great list. I loved Get Out of That Pit. It was life changing for me. I have just added Jodi Picoult to my new author to read list!

Patty said...

Great list and nice to meet another Pattie/Patty. LOL!! Happy Reading.

Lisa (Stay at Home in Suburbia) said...

What didn't you like about the P&P Sequel....I was looking forward to reading it but not if it's going to ruin Mr. Darcy for me! Hmmmm, perhaps I had better rethink that.
Great book list - I might check out the Friday night Knitting Club too!

Deena said...

Great list..I'm interested in your review of The Friday Night Knitting Club...sounds good, but I want to read your thoughts:-)

Brittanie said...

What subject do you teach? I am in graduate school right now for biology and taking two education classes to upgrade my teaching liscense to AA. I student taught 8th and 9th grade science, summer school, and then I decided I couldn't teach right now and went back to school. If you have any classroom mangament techniques you would like to share it would be grately appreciated. :)