Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Writer Mama Giveaway September 5

Writer Mama's question for today:

Today’s question: Divide your life story into periods as suggested in today’s book. What titles for those periods could serve as “working titles” for you? Feel free to share a bit about what your title means…or not. It’s totally up to you.
Birth to age 8 - The California Years
Age 8-10 - The Iowa Years, or How we Survived Living Among the Cornfields
Age 11-17 - The St. Louis County Years, or The Longest Stretch of Time I've Lived in One Place
Age 18-21 - The College Years: Making Lifelong Friends, Reading, Dating, Growing Spiritually
Age 21.5 - Marriage to my Best Man Friend!
Age 22-23 - The Seminary Years, or How I Typed All of Hubby's Master's Papers on an Apple IIc
The Pastor's Wife Years:
Age 24-26 - The Rural Grad School Years, or How We Lived in a Town of 95 while Finishing Our Master's Degrees
Age 27-37 - Childbirth, the toddler/preschool/grade school years
Subsets: Learning to Deal with Other Mommies, Raising Children when your Husband is the Pastor, and Playdates: Good or bad?
The Air Force Years:
Age 36- present - Moving Where the USAF Wants Us to Be, and How to Deal with Deployment Periods when Your Husband is in a Hostile Foreign Country and Your Kids Want Daddy.

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