Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Writer Mama September 18

The Writer Mama, Christina Katz, is giving away another book today. She so rocks! If you 'd like to know more about it, please visit her site today.

Today's question:

What’s your favorite part of the writing process? Is it the early stages–the idea stages? Is it the very early draft stages? Is it the rewriting, whether expanding or tightening? Or is it the finishing touches of formatting and proofreading and trying to make sure your writing is spot on? Or do you format early and let someone else catch your mistakes? As always, there are no “right” answers. Just your unique points of view.

My answer:

I enjoy the idea and drafting stages with my own writing, but the tightening and proofreading of someone else’s writing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a writer, but an editor, at heart. This may stem from years of teaching writing and helping my students perfect their own work, while my own sat in unfinished bits on my computer hard drive or in notebooks on my shelf. At any rate, I believe this book would help me with all the unanswered questions about what the finished product should look like before it leaves my house, and maybe that will spur me on to finish all the unfinished articles and books that are sitting dormant within the bounds of my computer!

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Karen said...

Pattie, (groan) I can relate to dormant or unfinished pieces in the computer. It's partly due to my procrastinating nature, partly to computer troubles all summer (an epidemic zipping through our household, including two young adult children).

We're both participating in the Lisa Bergren blog tour. Have fun, and come "see" me.