Monday, November 26, 2007

Carnival of Christian Writers

Gina is hosting the 14th Carnival of Christian Writers at her blog.

icon_cotton.jpg Carla Stewart discusses “To Plot or Not to Plot” at Carla’s Writing Cafe.
icon_cotton.jpg Tiffany Colter presents “Is Fear Blocking you?” posted at Writing Career Coach.
icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner exhorts writers to be encouraged, even if the news from agents or publishers isn’t what you want to hear. In A Little Encouragement she discusses the nature of encouragement and concludes that the truth, good or bad, is more important to the writer than pretty platitudes.
icon_cotton.jpg Camy Tang gives a list and asks for your input on “Christmas gifts for writers.
icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Chip MacGregor talks about “Writing and Marketing.
icon_cotton.jpg Mary Connealy confesses that the Techno-Genius Strikes Again.
icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Terry Whalin tells how to “Find Your Own Way”. Terry also shares a Thanksgiving inspiration for us in “Are Your Thankful for the Thorns?”

icon_cotton.jpg What makes a great Christian fiction book? How do you write one? How do you write a compelling Christian romance? Gail Gaymer Martin, author of Writing the Christian Romance, tells us how at Writing Right.

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