Sunday, June 29, 2008

Truffles by the Sea

Julie Carobini's latest is Truffles by the Sea, and I wonder if it shouldn't have been named "Troubles by the Sea." Because that's all Gaby has: TROUBLE.

Truffles is the sequel of sorts to Chocolate Beach, which told Bri's story. Gaby is Bri's best friend. As the story opens, we learn that Gaby's lost her apartment to a fire and her business partner embezzled from her flower shop. If that's not enough, she gets hit with a lawsuit from a disgruntled bride.

Then there's the obligatory single-gal-living-on-the-beach man troubles. Add in some nosy neighbors and friends in crisis, and you've got an involved chick lit novel.

I enjoyed this book. It's got girlfriends, issues, and chocolate. I wanted to yell at Gaby with all her financial missteps, and I think the author could've gone down that road, but she didn't. Gaby's problems were not all solved by page 315, and that's probably the more realistic choice for today's heroine.

I think this was a good summer reading choice for me.

This book was on my Summer Challenge list, as well as my "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" list.

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