Saturday, July 12, 2008

Splitting Harriet

I read this as a part of my Summer Reading Challenge. This is my third chick lit of Tamera Leigh's that I've read, and it's my favorite of all of them.

Harriet is Everypastorsdaughter: felt the weight of the ministry mantle at a young age; rebelled; fell into the pit; rescued by Jesus; and now feels regret every day for the pain she caused those she loves. (In her case, she has a crown-of-thorns tattoo to remind her of those wild days.)

Enter Church Consultant, complete with motorcycle and long curly hair. He proceeds to shake things up at the church Harriet's father used to pastor and where she now works in ministry. He also shakes her little safe world almost off its precarious axis.

I really liked this book. I really did. I finally got it in the mail the other day (love Paperback Swap!) and read it fairly quickly.

Because I read it during a break I'm taking from reading Stephen King's Lisey's Story (an excellent book but in a much different way), I see all sorts of parallels between the two books. From forgiveness, to reconciling with the past, and dealing with the pain of the past within a family, there are many common themes. (Naturally, as Christian chick lit, Splitting Harriet is nowhere near as dark as Lisey's Story. Stephen King is a darker, broodier writer, known for his horror--although I would not classify Lisey as a horror book at all, but I digress. This is one reason why I chose it for my little "break." But that does not negate the commonality of theme between the two.)

All in all, I'd recommend this as a good example of a really good Christian chick lit. It's not all shoes and boys. Not by a long shot.

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