Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Tour: Finding Stefanie

Welcome to the LitFuse blog tour for the third in the Noble Legacy Series by Susan May Warren: FINDING STEFANIE.

About the book:

When she put her dreams on hold to help run the family ranch, she never imagined they would slip out of sight. Luckily for Stefanie, those dreams are about to come knocking at her door.

Lincoln Cash has gained fame and fortune on the big screen, but a crippling secret leaves him one last chance to make his mark on the movie industry. With dreams of hosting a new film festival, Lincoln intends to remodel a sprawling ranch in eastern Montana to make it the new Hollywood hot spot.

Unfortunately, a house fire threatens his plans. So does opposition from his new neighbor Stefanie Noble, who's not thrilled about his Tinseltown changes. What Lincoln and Stefanie don't know is that the fire won't be the last disaster to threaten Lincoln or his future. Someone is out for revenge... but who? And who is the real target?

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About the Author:

Susan May Warren is an award-winning author and speaker, wife and mom and former missionary to Russia. You can find out more about her by reading her biography page. She currently lives in Minnesota, which makes her my sort-of neighbor (well, if you can call North Dakota and Minnesota "neighbors," right?).

About the Contests

You can find out more about the "Finding Stefanie" contest by clicking here!

There's also a contest for the blog tour. Find those details here!

Pattie's Review:

Because this is the third book in the series, I thought I'd try to get my hands on the first two from my library. Well, the first one, Reclaiming Nick, was there, and I read it first. I really enjoyed it. But Taming Rafe was not there! (This leads me to the conclusion that it's in my best interest as a lover of Christian fiction to donate my copy of Finding Stefanie to my local library. Thus, no giveaway from Fresh-Brewed Writer this time!).

Each of the Noble siblings must deal with the issues with their family, their past, and their present. Nick is a prodigal son. Stefanie is more like the prodigal son's brother in the parable Jesus told. She's the one upon whom the father depended. When he died, she is the one who kept everything going to the extent that she had to put her own dreams and plans on hold. When Movie Star Lincoln Cash comes along with his secrets and very public career, Stefanie is forced to face her own abandoned dreams head-on.

One more thing: I was blessed to visit eastern Montana on a recent trip to western North Dakota. Susan Warren has spot-on descriptions of the landscape! It's very beautiful there. Also, her descriptions of small-town life are completely in line with my experiences living in small towns over the course of my marriage. This author knows her STUFF!

All in all, these are enjoyable books with a strong spiritual thread throughout. I loved them!

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