Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaNoWriMo update

I hit the 22,000 word mark today, thanks to a retreat I went on with the local National Writing Project affiliate. It was held in the house owned by my friend, where her husband has his office. It's sort of a "guest house" for them too, as well as office space. It's really a neat old house.

I sat in the dining room and wrote. And wrote. And wrote! I wrote 7000 words today, and that does not count the book review that I wrote and the others I started!

It was a fun day, where I got to touch base with the writer and former teacher buried deep inside me. She was actually still there, sort of in a frozen stasis mode.

1 comment:

rightonmom said...

Congratulations on your nano progress! I've been reading blogs to inspire me to write more. I'm at 15,000-a little behind and feeling it. Good luck with the rest!

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