Thursday, November 06, 2008

Redeem the time

This morning: 7913

(The NaNoWriMo site doesn't always keep up with these little feeds to the fun little widgets...)

I need to get to 10,003 today, according to No Plot, No Problem's little chart on page 50.

That means 2100 words today.

Good thing I have a 2.5-hour block this afternoon. Of course, my to-do list is pretty long also, so who knows if I'll get it all done. I can also write by hand at the dance studio later, which might not be a bad idea after all...then just transcribe it later when I get stuck. (I don't want to take Sheba my Laptop out in the rain, esp. since I don't have a good laptop case!)

It's been an interesting exercise, writing every day. I had hoped to get ahead so I could take a weekend off in 2 weeks for a family get-together, or even take Thanksgiving off. But the daily discipline of writing has been good for me. Even if my story is all over the board. Which is probably okay, too. It's all about the word count, baby!

UPDATE: I finished this afternoon with 10,360. I might even still try to write tonight, just to get ahead. We shall see.

It's amazing that uninterrupted time can be so stinkin' productive! Now to pick up the house a bit...

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