Friday, January 02, 2009

Five Books that Made a Difference

I don't often sit down and read Oprah's O Magazine, but one feature I always read when I have opportunity is "Five Books that Made a Difference to___" (insert name of famous person).

Right before I quit teaching, I heard from a teacher who translated this into an assignment for her seniors (by the time I read this, it was the end of the year and I was out of time in my classes; and it never seemed to fit into the university's curriculum my last year in the classroom).

I think it's a fascinating idea, and one that obviously still speaks to people.

For fun, here is a link to author Jodi Picoult's choices.

What would mine be? I don't know. I read over a hundred books a year. Some are wonderful; some are okay; some are so-so; and some are awful, but I just can't stop reading till I hit "the end."

What would your five books be that have made a difference to you?

Sounds like a stellar writing prompt. Link back here if you decide to answer; I'd love to read your list!

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Karen said...

What a great idea! I love Oprah but haven't read O...I might have to do this excercise on my blog sometime, but right now I need to do a post about Evie :) BTW I'd never heard of a "freezer book" before though I did watch Friends, so I googled it. Time Traveler's Wife is definitely in that category. It's one of those you don't want to end and then you can't believe there's not a sequel!