Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tracey's Drama Queens

I have begun the process of going through review books and making sure I've posted reviews...and if I have not, then posting a review as I promised the author.

I came across the Drama Queens Series by Tracey Bateman. I did a review on book 3, "That's (Not Exactly) Amore" for CFBA and did a quick review of Book 1, "Catch a Rising Star" in that review. You can read that here. Then, Tracey herself sent me book 2, which is titled "You Had Me at Goodbye." It turned out to be my favorite, actually. It's about a gal who loses her job in publishing and ends up working in a coffee shop while secretly writing a novel at home. I really enjoyed it.

The trilogy is everything good about chick lit, and everything nice about Christian fiction. It's a great marriage of the two. Each book focuses on the story of a trio of friends living in New York City. The stories are fun to read! I enjoyed them all.

If you enjoy fun stories with a little bit of romance and a lot of friendship, these books are for you.

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