Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Fruit of My Lipstick

Shelley Adina has written a young adult series about five good friends at the fictional Spencer Academy, an exclusive private boarding school. The official website describes the girls this way:

Lissa, Mac, Carly, Gillian and Shani—five fabulous girls from Spencer Academy, who spend their time traversing the rocky terrain of high school social climbing while staying true to their faith, and remaining besties to the end.

The second novel in the series, The Fruit of my Lipstick, tells Gillian's story. Gillian Chang is a brilliant and conflicted young woman, torn between the pressures from her parents and family to conform to the ideal Chinese girl, and her strong desire to be a musician and follow her heart. She is Lissa's roommate, and has always been more vocal about her faith than Lissa.

When romance enters the picture, sparks fly from all directions . . . and Gillian has to wonder why Lucas is short-tempered with her, and why her friends question things about him . . .

I think these books would be a great Christian alternative to the Clique or Gossip Girls or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. The characters face probably many of the same issues, but they make different choices.

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