Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tour de Force Day 3

I'm participating in a blog tour of Elizabeth White's newest novel Tour de Force.

For Day 3, I thought I'd talk about dancing. It's sort of ironic that I have two dancing girls, when as a child I was not given the opportunity to take dance classes, and in high school was taught that dancing, especially to Rock Music, was sinful and wrong. I wasn't even allowed to try out for show choir, even after my teacher called my dad and talked to him!

So, watching my girls grow up dancing has been a bit of a vindication for me. And not to nurture the talent they exhibit would be, for me, a sin. I'd feel the same if they were good at softball or basketball or even bowling.

I'll post my review of the book soon! Stay tuned.


Suko said...

Dance is a beautiful art form. It's wonderful that your girls enjoy it. America seems to have fallen in love with dance--So You Think You Can Dance is a very popular and inspiring show.

I look forward to your book review!

Elizabeth said...

I teach chorus at a public high school, and I have a couple of girls whose moms won't allow them to do show choir. It makes me sad because that type of dance is so innocent and fun. Good for you--for encouraging your girls to train that talent. It can be used for worship!