Friday, August 14, 2009

The Friday List

Yeah, I know some of these are repeats on the list. So what. It's my list! If you don't like it, [insert whiny Napoleon Dynamite voice] make your own!!!

  • Zebra Sarasa gel pens. I found my super-secret stash of blue ones and I'm so glad I did! Yay! Enough pens to last awhile!
  • French-roast coffee. Really, no other roast will do...not even the darker Italian. C'est bon!
  • Lists. They are helping me get things done. Plus, there's nothing like crossing something off a list! And seeing the mostly-complete list from this week...
  • Eggs and toast, a good breakfast.
  • Books and blogs. Never at a loss to find something good to read!

    What makes you happy? Make a list and then post it to Becky's site.


Monika said...

Did you just say Italian coffee won't do?!?!?! Bestemmia! (Blasphemy! LOL) ;P

Monika said...

*sigh* I guess...

LOL!!! duh!! <3

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