Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In courage. Encourage. Homophones, both with the same root word of courage. I love that!

(In)Courage is a new blogging community and it looks to be a great (pun intended) encouragement for women. The website is www.incourage.me/ (which I also love! "encourage" me, give me courage.)

For the six or so people who read my blog, you know that my 2009 theme continues to be BRAVE. I am trying to be braver in my life. (If you are new, you can click here to read my original December 2008 post about brave).

The (In)Courage gals want to know what encourages me.

That's a tough question.

Because I see myself as the servant, the one who builds others up, the one who comes alongside to strengthen and encourage others.

What encourages me? Words of affirmation. And it's not like I don't hear them--I do. I have some cheerleaders in my life, and they are important. But often in the muck and mire of life, those voices are silenced by the negative voices in my head, the ones that say I am not smart enough, or that I'm not good enough, or that I never finish things anyway so why start something new at this point.

The best encouragement, however, is from Scripture. Psalm 139 says it all best. He searches me, and He knows me. He loves me, He knit me together in my mother's womb. He made me to be a bit neurotic about details, and made me excited about new projects and not so enthusiastic about finishing things. He made me to love my family and friends wholeheartedly, even when it means I am the one who is hurt.

And that, my friends and readers, is that.


Monika said...

The Psalms have been such an encouragement to me this past year.

I wish *I* could take care of those negative voices in your head. They wouldn't know what hit them!!! Don't mess with my Pattie!!! (((hugs)))

Holley said...

Pattie, I love that your theme is "Brave"! It seems God keeps speaking to be my heart about that too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm so glad to be (in) with you!

Teri Lynne said...

Oh Pattie, you are so very BRAVE! When I think of all you have been through in the past several years and how much time you have given and continue to give to bless and nurture others ... plus you are a military wife and dance mom (definite bravery required for both of those!!) ... you, my friend have been encouraging me for 20 years now since that first meeting in room 217 of Leslie Hall at SBU. Love you so much!!

seesawfaith said...

I'm visiting from (in)courage.

I just loved this post because I can totally identify with those inner voices that tell us we aren't good enough.

I just had to tell you, if you haven't already, to get Jennifer Rothschild's Me, Myself, and Lies Bible study to do with your friends. The ladies in our church did this study in the spring and it was so wonderful! She talks about your "thought closet" and how to get rid of the junk and fill it with the thoughts of God.

I am so excited and encouraged by this site already. I have "met" some great women in the bloggy world.

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