Monday, October 05, 2009

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

Here is my disclosure statement regarding books and reviews.

I receive a free copy of each book I review for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance in exchange for posting the blog tour post and a review.

In other cases, occasionally I receive books from the authors themselves, or from another independent marketing agent hired by the author or publisher. Each post will disclose that information.

Sometimes, though, I have purchased the book with my own money not earned at this non-earning, independent, composed-by-me-unless-stated-otherwise blog, and I choose to review it here.

I strive to write honest reviews of the books I read. I will be kind in my critique, and I will be honest. I feel that's in the best interest of all.

Henceforth, from this date forward, I will do my best to acknowledge which reviews were compensated with a copy of the book, and which were not, per new FTC guidelines.

My blog is not monetized or commercialized through Amazon, and the only money I have earned was less than ten dollars through the sale of the Blog Planning Kit (advertised in the right column).

Updated 1 October 2014 from a statement originally dated 5 October 2009.

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