Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's All About the Tree


Today we're talking trees at Wives of Faith.

Real? Fake? Tall? Short? What to choose!

This year is our 18th married Christmas, and we've had both real and artificial trees. The past four years we've purchased our trees at Menards here in our town in the tree lot. They've been long-lasting, fresh trees.

We used to have an artificial tree that was pretty sparse. We used to call it our three-quarter tree; we'd push the branches around the front and set it against the wall. It sort of looked like it grew out of the wall!

No matter which tree we have, however, and how we choose to decorate it, it's not finished for me until my bald dove is placed near the top. My sister and I have these plastic sparkly dove ornaments we got when we were kids, and I still love mine. It has lost so much of its sparkle, and is completely bald on top, and my family makes fun of it and me for loving it--but I do not care! I love my bald dove ornament, and I lovingly place it near the top of the tree each year.

Read all the other tree stories here at Wives of Faith. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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