Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mil-Spouse at Christmas


Today's topic: You might be a military spouse at Christmas...

This sort of question makes me feel a bit like an interloper. Why? Well, I haven't had to spend the holidays away from Chaplain Hubby. We've always been together at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've had to share him, of course--with the church, the chapel, and the whole community--but that's not the same thing.

I think it'll be easier to list what I've experienced as an active duty chaplain's wife the past four Christmas seasons:
  • a bit more liturgy, formality, and finding beauty and Truth in it

  • Advent, with people who actually know what it is! (it's more common in Baptist churches now than it was when Chaplain Hubby was a pastor, but for years we seemed to be the ones teaching about what Advent is)

  • packed Christmas Eve services, by candlelight

  • Seeing camouflage in the congregation and not thinking twice about it

  • singing Point of Grace's "O Holy Night" as a trio, hitting each note perfectly (and I miss my girls Tiffany and Christine this year...)

  • parties, parties, parties!

  • Leaving the parties early so people don't feel guilty about all that drinking in front of the chaplain...

  • Did I mention parties? Each one begins with an invocation, so we get a lot of invites...

  • baking cookies to give to the single airmen

  • ornament exchanges, where the women steal the airplane ornament more than any other one!

  • Learning that many families do not get together with extended family, because duty keeps them close to base. And that's acceptable.
That is only a partial list, but I think it gives you an idea of what makes Christmas just a little different.

THIS blog tour should be a fun one to read! You can read other entries from other wives here.


Jolene said...

I love your comment on the ornament exchange where the women steal the airplanes! Too funny :)

Pattie said...

It's totally true! And the gal that brought it this year? She had to hunt for it at Hobby Lobby in Fargo, an hour away!

Jolene said...

I love it!!! That's dedication!

Aprille said...

Aww I loved reading this post! LOL about the airplane ornament!

Jessica said...

great post!

Kathryn said...

Aww what a great list!

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