Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I Want for Christmas


This is one of those tricky prompts. Do I list the things I'd like (books, movies, maybe even an iPod)? or do I list the things I want for the world (peace, love, harmony, an end to war and cancer)?

While peace, love, and harmony are all wonderful (I think deep down I'm sort of a hippie!), and while books and movies are always good "material" things to get me, what I really want is focus. More focus in 2010. Less scatterbrained-ness. Less clutter in my mind and on my desk. More focus on Jesus in my heart and my life, manifested in my actions. More focus in my writing and online activities.

And if you can wrap it in a pretty red bow, so much the better.

Read what other wives wrote at Wives of Faith today.

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