Monday, May 03, 2010

10 Great Things

Wives of Faith MilSpouses Rock

Pattie's 10 Great Things about being a Military Wife:

  1. Community. Even though I don't live on the base, I am a part of the military community here. I have also found wonderful community with other military wives online. It's been great!

  2. Ministry. I am learning and finding my ministry niche, and it is in music in the chapel. It is in writing about my experiences. It is working with Sara and Wives of Faith. It is in encouraging people, even when it's not easy.

  3. Joy. I feel joy in knowing my husband loves his job. He works hard and is appreciated for it. I hear all the time how much people appreciate him, and that means so much to me.

  4. Peace. Again, peace in knowing my husband is serving where God has called him, and peace in knowing I might not know the future, but I know Who is in charge of it!

  5. People. I have met so many wonderful people and have made friends upon friends. I'm blessed!

  6. Places. OK, so maybe North Dakota holds first place on only a few people's dream sheets. But it's been a great assignment for our family. Since we moved here, we have been to the Badlands of North Dakota; Winnipeg, Manitoba in CANADA!; De Smet, South Dakota; of course the Twin Cities in Minnesota; and my husband has also been to the Minnesota Boundary Waters and Iraq.

  7. Endurance. Hey, who else can say they've endured both 100* and -38* in the same place?!?! It also takes a whole lot of endurance--and a great Lands' End down coat--to survive these long, cold winters here. But the summers are awesome. I'll miss the really long summer days.

  8. The movers. Hey, after having to move ourselves every time we changed jobs before, it has been nice to have professionals do it for us. I guess for those seasoned PCS-ers, I don't have any horror stories. Yet. Hopefully never!

  9. Discounts. I am not going to lie. Yes, it's been nice to have a few military discounts here and there.

  10. My book club. I never had one before, and I joined the GFOSC (specifically for the book club) in 2007. I met fellow bibliophiles, women from many walks of life, all with the common love of the printed word. We don't always agree on our opinions about the books we read, but that's ok. It's why we hash it out every month. I have loved it and I will miss it so much after our last meeting next week.


Casey said...

Love the way you organized your list!

Ebony Shanti said...

Your list really stands out in how you named qualities of life rather than specific amenities - love it!

Chrysanthemama said...

Great list! I especially like #6. I grew up 1 1/2 hrs. NE of Grand Forks (in MN). Columbia Mall was our nearest mall! I hope you are having a great week. :)