Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chalk this one up to a new experience

If you follow Wives of Faith, you'll know that our founder and Queen--er, President--Sara Horn was interviewed this past week at the Focus on the Family campus about her book GOD Strong.

True confession: We've been squealing like little girls on the phone with each other about it since she got the news! Yeah, I know, we're grown-ups, but sometimes a girl's gotta squeal with a girlfriend!

Well. Today I was checking email around lunchtime and got a shock. This blog entry caught the eye of a producer from Focus on the Family, who emailed me asking if she could interview me on the phone for the radio show featuring Sara.

More squealing ensued on the phone, I must admit!

So I talked with the gal, who was very nice, for about 15 minutes or so. I was very, very nervous, and I tend to babble when I get nervous; but like one of my other friends pointed out, she's in radio---she can edit.

I don't know yet if they'll use what I had to say, but all I can say is May God be glorified in it all, and help someone who needs encouragement in this crazy military spouse life.



Teri Lynne Underwood said...

YAY! How cool ... I am so excited for you! So glad you are using all of your life's experiences to do ministry to Military Wives. What an incredible blessing you are!!

Ebony S said...

That is way too exciting Pattie!! I can't wait to hear both spots, you ladies are awesome :)

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