Friday, July 16, 2010

Faith Friday 20 Things

This week's Faith Friday is about me. Or you. But you can write about you on your blog; this one's mine! ;)

  1. My real name is Pattie, not Patricia. My dad named me and made the spellings of both my first and middle names different from the norm.

  2. My husband started out as an Air Force Reserve chaplain, and because it was soooo part-time I didn't really bother learning about military stuff. In retrospect, this seems sort of dumb. So I have only been paying attention to the military for a little over four years now.

  3. I may occasionally gripe about being short, but I like my height. I'm 5'3"

  4. I adore Facebook. It's fun and a great way to stay connected to people.

  5. I love the theatre. I'd love to be involved in community theatre on a large scale someday.

  6. I love reading. It's my favorite fun activity.

  7. I do not enjoy exercise. However, I'm hoping to get into some classes at the gym on base once I get settled in Texas.

  8. I need external motivation to accomplish goals. I keep giving myself deadlines, and then extending them for myself!

  9. My daughters have great rhythm and grace and dance beautifully. I can't dance.

  10. I enjoy blogging. I think it's the feedback aspect of this very public style of writing that appeals to me. However, I've never had a large readership. I keep referring people on to my friends! (and for those friends who read this: you're welcome.)

  11. I'm a nice person. I can be snarkastic (snarky + sarcastic, thanks Lorelai Gilmore!) with the best of them, but generally I am a very nice, helpful person.

  12. I'm a weird mix of introvert and extrovert. I love people and being with friends, but I crave alone time and if I don't get it, I'm crabby.

  13. If I don't eat regularly, I get very, very crabby.

  14. I like tote bags and have way too many.

  15. My favorite t-shirt right now is the one that says "Ma" on the front, and "Little House on the Prairie: the Musical" on the back. It's a very pretty shade of green.

  16. When I was in college all I wanted to do was teach. Then I taught for almost 11 years. After a four-year break, I'm only just now starting to wish I could teach again. That's how burned out I was.

  17. I am passionate about Wives of Faith. It's a wonderful ministry to be involved with. I hope to always support and encourage other military wives for as long as the Lord allows my husband to serve. Come over and visit :)

  18. I was so nervous when Emily at Focus on the Family interviewed me on the phone for the radio show featuring Sara Horn. I was shaking in my chair!

  19. I love dogs. It's a rare dog that doesn't love me back.

  20. I've decided if I were to go back to school for another degree, it'd be a Masters of Library Science, so I could be a librarian!


Natasha said...

I have too many totes as well. With small kids though, it is a lot easier to carry a tote.

As for Facebook, I just joined when my husband went to CHBOLC so I could keep up with what was going on down there. I do like to keep in touch with my friends who live out of state, but don't really care that people are headed to the pool or cooking fresh veggies for supper.

What did you teach? I teach 4th grade and am starting my 11th year!

Thanks for sharing!

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

I love when you share like this! And I love you!