Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been absent from this blog for a bit, and I could claim busyness, but it's been more than that.

I've been adjusting.

It's not easy, adjusting. Being the new girl everywhere I go. Not knowing where to find certain things, or getting lost, or knowing what to do or where to go when your molar crown breaks.

Those of my readers who are military wives, or wives of men who have transitory careers, may understand more than those who are not. When our husbands report for duty, they have a built-in network of people in their new coworkers. Especially in a one-year program like my husband's, team-building is a necessary part of the training, but it also affords him instant friends.

Not so for me, especially since we live off base. It takes a whole lot more work and a whole lot more bravery than I feel most of the time, to make new friends.

I have plenty of friends. Shoot, I have hundreds if my Facebook profile is to be believed. I even have a few friends in this area. I have also met several nice and friendly women since we moved here.

But it's still hard, sometimes, feeling out of sorts, unadjusted, like the new girl whose hair and clothes are out of place in a new school.


What I've been doing is some writing and some exploring of options towards publication. I've also continued working with Wives of Faith. So I'm far from bored.

I'm just adjusting.

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