Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lady in Waiting

Susan Meissner's latest novel Lady in Waiting is a wonderful mix of historical and contemporary fiction, centered around a gold ring found in an antique Protestant prayer book.

Susan duplicates the wonderful mix of contemporary and historical that she had in her novel The Shape of Mercy, and I loved how she intertwined the stories, keeping them separate yet equally enthralling.

I loved both Janes in Lady in Waiting. I think Susan does a great job with voice, as always, and with a sense of the characters belonging in their environment. Not so much a sense of place, exactly, but a sense that the characters know who they are, and they are comfortable in their own skin and locale within the novel.

I highly recommend Lady in Waiting for the Christian fiction enthusiast, or even a reader who might not select a Christian book but is curious about Susan's work.

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