Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Blog Day 3

Hi and welcome to Pattie's milspouse blog. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not in the running for any prizes, since I'm helping run this blog carnival--but I wanted to participate with my own entries too.

Today's topic: The Worst Christmas Song Ever (but you must mention one redeeming quality of the song, too!)

For decades I could not stand "The Little Drummer Boy." Really, some kid banging a drum near a baby's head? Even if the baby is Jesus, we know that Jesus was God made flesh. The part of Him that was fully human was an infant. Most babies cry when a drum is rat-a-tat-tatted near their little heads. Can't you hear Mary sigh, and see Joseph shake his head as he escorts the little drummer boy out of the stable? Me too.

However, in recent years I've come to terms with this song. And now I'll give you the redeeming qualities, which are twofold:

1. The boy went to see the Newborn King right away, in the first verse. No waiting around for the Heavenly Host to startle him into going; no sir, he went straightaway.

2. He gave the gift he had: he played his best for the baby Jesus, the Newborn King (who then smiled, if we willfully suspend our disbelief).

The moral of the story: Obey right away the call to go to Jesus, and offer all your best gifts to Him.

To read about the other songs people can't stand, click here to go to today's WOF prompt post.


Midlife Army Wife said...

You did much better than I did finding a redeeming quality about a song :) I do love the Little Drummer Boy, but your post gave me a good laugh.

Beth said...

I have never thought about it like that before. Very interesting. I would not like someone banging a drum while my baby was sleeping either! Way to find a redeeming quality also!

Ebony S said...

My boys love drums, the louder the better :D

Your imaginary scenario gave me a good visual... I'll have that image in my head now forever :D

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