Monday, April 11, 2011

bookish musings

Bullets for a Monday...
  • I just updated my Spring Reading Thing post for this spring. I've got 1.5 books left to read on my list.
  • I've read over 40 books this year, with more to follow. I'm trying to finish as many as I don't plan to move so I can get our household weight down.
  • I've been keeping the Post Office busy.
  • The Post Office is the great equalizer in terms of economic class. Everyone uses it. Just take a look at the people in line sometime and you'll see what I mean.
  • I love my Kindle. It was a gift from a very kind and generous friend after I had to go on a spending fast rather it means even more to me than it would otherwise.
  • I am so excited about moving with the Kindle instead of a backpack full of books.
  • I suffer from abibliophobia--the fear of running out of reading material.
  • Not with a Kindle. Not ever.
  • I have a writing assignment for five devotionals! I'm so very excited!

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