Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Chaos

I'll admit it, I'm often a sucker for celebrity autobiographies. So when I saw Happy Chaos with a grown-up Soleil Moon Frye and her daughters on the cover, I was intrigued.

This book, however, is less celeb-bio than parenting how-to guide. I did appreciate much of what she had to say--and I wonder if it's a testimony to the celebrity culture in California that she felt like she was the only mom in the entire world to feel like a failure. Really? I've felt like that before. Often. So have my friends, and I count many friends in three states. And we talk it through and encourage one another. This makes me wonder about her feeling like she had no one to share her doubts with, even just five years ago when her oldest was born. I am glad she found support online. (My oldest is about to turn 15, for the record.)

The best parts of this book are when she ties real-life experiences from her permissive upbringing into her real-life parenting experiences. The rest was just okay for me.

A final note: the title is awesome: Happy Chaos. May all our homes be filled with both happy chaos and forgiveness for our own myriad mistakes as parents.

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