Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days: Day 1

Last night after I logged off my computer, I figured I'd have plenty to write about this morning (no scheduling posts early for me this month, oh no; if the point is to write something every day, by golly, it will be written every day!). Now as I sit here with the blank window, my mind also is blank.

I have many things in my head and on my heart, and while I am probably nicer than most and more diplomatic than others might be, I do have pretty strong opinions on a plethora of topics. Perhaps now I should explore those things. And keep a list of ideas alongside my computer for the blank-mind mornings.

I don't remember if I ever published my "2011 theme" post [note: It was a draft, never published, but it's published now!], and if I did, it's been too long since I read it. I wrote it in the beginning of January and posted it, then have had a crazy year since! When I felt the Lord giving me the grace theme, I had no idea how it would manifest in "real life." Would He grant me grace? (yes) Would I be granting grace to others? (yes) And would I be teaching my girls to do the same? (yes)

I knew when I received that theme for the year, that I would be moving. We figured if our oldest made it into her ballet intensive program again, that we would have an unusual moving experience. But in January, we didn't know where we were going, or if she would make it. In time, we learned about our move to Alaska, and that once a dancer is in the program, she's always invited back. So as we made our crazy plans, we knew it'd be a stressful time. And it was, but it could have been so much worse if I hadn't always had "grace" on my mind and heart.

As the year begins to wind down, and I am once again in the classroom, I find myself talking about grace a lot with my students. I extend a lot of grace. But there comes a point where the assignments are due, and that's the end. So I have a couple who are "borderline" if they will pass or not.

**There are a great many of us 31-Dayers. You can find more that may interest you here.**

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