Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18: Exercise, Part Two

So there I was, winter in North Dakota, and I was feeling fat and sluggish. I already deal with thyroid issues, so it was like adding insult to injury (without a literal injury).

After taking my daughter to dance class one January evening (the studio was in the "older" mall in town, in part of what apparently used to be Sears), I noticed some sort of fair or something going on in the center of the mall. I wandered over to the people and the chatter, and I discovered it was the annual health fair. I walked around, gathering a few free pencils and picking up brochures from the Y and the health club next door to the gymnastics studio where my youngest was taking classes.

Then, I saw the Curves table. I'd tried a free session at a Curves a few years ago, and while I thought it was nice, the hours weren't compatible with my teaching job at the time (for which I commuted 30 miles one way). Then when I left teaching, it wasn't compatible with our budget. My good friend Nattie worked at a Curves in Indiana, so I stopped and talked to the woman (who turned out to be the owner). She gave me their special, and I gave her my phone number.

The next week, I was a member. Because joining was cheaper than me driving to the base to work out. And I knew I had to stay active or I'd turn into a depressed lump.

I ended up really enjoying my workouts, and after my husband's deployment was over, I ended up going to work for the new owner, who is one of the most wonderful women I've known, and who mentored me (without knowing it) in dealing with people and handling a business and a family at the same time.

By this time too, my friend Nattie was gone, and I knew in some odd and peaceful way, that my job was meant to be, to carry on her legacy in a way.

What I liked about Curves was the encouraging atmosphere, and the fact that I could do cardio and strength training in 30 minutes. Oh, and I also loved working there for the same reasons. Plus my membership was included as an employee "perk."

When we found out we were moving, I was so sad to leave.

*Part Three tomorrow*


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It's tomorrow, lol... I like your review, but what a cliffhanger!

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