Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21: It's Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday.

Even as a work-from-home Mom, Friday still feels like a fun day, like a day when I get out early from school, or take off early from work.

I ordered a couple of books online that I think will help me come up with some more original material for my composition classes. (Let's hope, right?)

Today as I made my own spreadsheet-thing (pictured to the right) to figure out which elements of fiction I really wanted to teach, I realized what I really needed to do was overhaul the whole dang syllabus (I borrowed heavily from the English professor at my college, because I had to get my syllabus turned in a few days after I learned I had been hired; consequently, it has a lot of Dr. W and not a whole lot of Pattie).

So what started as a few minor tweaks has turned into a major project that remains unfinished. I sure hope the dean's administrative assistant doesn't dock my pay for not getting the final syllabus in on time!

Thankfully, as I have to stop now and pick up my daughter from school, I think all I really need to "fix" is about 5 class sessions. The remaining 6 are fine (First and last sessions and midterm are set, as are the two sessions of Hamlet and the Life poetry set I'd already overhauled from the original syllabus).

Update: I finished by 6 pm ADT! Yay!

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