Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days 24 and 25

Yesterday's writing was not for public consumption--it was for my class! I finished writing their final exam. Today's writing is here, and to be honest, I'm not yet ready to make today's information public. I found out that something in our lives that was a possibility is now a big certainty. And it's not a fun thing, either! I hate being vague, but I'm not ready to make it public on an open forum, so "vague-blogging" will be the order of the day.

In other things...moving on...I have just had a cruddy week. I have a friend, a very dear friend, who is really big right now on choices. We have a choice in our attitude, in how we handle things. It's a hard thing, this choice. And sometimes, to borrow a toddler's expression, I don't wanna! I don't wanna be a grown up. I don't wanna deal with the hard things in life. I don't wanna choose the higher road, or the mature way. But there it is: Choice. Free will. The ability to choose how we react, not on the whims of our emotions, but on the certainty that God loves us and we do not have to allow someone else's emotions or whims or choices to affect us to the core.

I'm still dealing with that.

As Nattie would say, onward and upward. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Anonymous said...

I love you, Pattie. I don't believe our choices are always easy, but I know it gets easier the more we choose a certain way.
I hate that your day was terrible, horrible, no good and very bad. Those can be the very the hardest.

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