Sunday, February 05, 2012

I need to use my planner more...

Guess what I did? As my mom would say, I snookered myself.

Twice this week I realized I had not used my planner - my nice beautiful new 2012 black shiny planner with writers' quotes throughout - to its best advantage.

This is my busiest week. I teach for a university that holds 11-week semesters. This is week #11, which means I'm giving two different final exams (which are not.quite.ready for copying) to my 30 students (10 in one class, 20 in the other). I also have about 25 term papers in my possession that need to be graded by the end of the week (again, between the two classes). Grades are due next Monday by noon, but I have a doctor's appointment that morning at 9:40 a.m.

I have a stack of seven review books (not including the four on my Kindle which don't have deadlines attached). Two were unsolicited ARCs, one was a gift ARC from the author, and one was a late-arrival that was supposed to be reviewed sometime in January when I got around to it, but I forgot. I had three books arrive in the past four days (ah, the joys of media mail to Alaska) for which reviews are due--you guessed it, this week.

Indeed, I am very, very behind.

So you will see two CFBA posts this week, that unless I stay up late every night to finish the books, will remain unreviewed until my break between semesters (that would be starting after noon on Monday Feb. 13). The third book due this week for LitFuse, I might just be able to squeeze in when I need breaks from student papers. Or when I'm eating lunch. Or something.

And with I go!

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