Thursday, March 01, 2012

What am I reading?

I wanted to post on this first day of March. It's funny because yesterday was Leap Year day, and I didn't have to write the date, and I still had plenty of normal life stuff to do. Nothing really special or out of the ordinary. I feel a little badly for letting the day go by without some sort of special something, but what was there to do? Just regular ole life.

In typical Pattie fashion, I started two books over the past two days: Tyora Moody's debut When Rain Falls on my Kindle (PDF ARC, because I volunteered to help Ty as an influencer for her debut), and Siri Mitchell's latest historical novel The Messenger, in paperback for CFBA.

The saddest part? I can't read either of them today until I get my lesson ready for tonight! My work schedule changes every 3 months, as I teach for a college that runs on 11-week terms (we do 18-weeks' worth of college work in an 11-week time frame). My new Thursday class is also different in that it's done as a "hybrid"  (a mix of online and in-person work, which is new for me) and as a VTC (video teleconference, so I teach students in front of me and students at a remote location on a TV screen--also new for me). Oy. So it takes extra planning.

What else am I reading? Of course the textbook Strategies for Successful Writing, and every week I'm still working on The Artist's Way (slow going but I think it's because I've read it before...maybe it will pick up when I move to the next book in the series). I also have Tsh Oxenreider's Organized Simplicity open on my Kindle (not sure about it yet...everyone raves, yet I'm bogged down in the family mission statement part). And of course, I'm still reading through the Bible (The 1996 NLT Women's Study Bible with devos and introductions by Jill Briscoe). Right now I'm in Acts.

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