Friday, July 06, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Story

Story--at Lisa Jo formerly Gypsy Mama

"You are the author of your own life story." I'm not sure who said that (and I'd be wasting my whole five-minutes if I looked it up), but it's only partly true. GOD is the author of creation, and HE writes His story through me.

The photo I included above is the first page of a spiritual journaling project I started three summers ago. I have just a few blank pages left, and I think it's fitting that I'll finish the book close to the third anniversary of when I started it in August 2009.

It's a journal with a lot of Bible verses, and a lot of thoughts about the Bible, and prayers I've written to God about applying His word to my life.

It's HIS story, told through my pen.

I'm so grateful for His word. I'm not always faithful to read it as I should, but when I meet Him at my desk or on my bed, with His word and my heart open, He meets me there and speaks to my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for being so faithful to me, this broken and tired and empty vessel. Use me as You would see fit. I love you.


Jerralea said...

I'm so grateful for the Word, too. I can't imagine my story without His Word ...

BARBIE said...

Visiting from 5MF today. Just this week I began a journaling project which I am very excited about. I am so thankful for His Word! Have a beautiful weekend.

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