Friday, November 23, 2012

Preparing Mt. TBR 2013

I have given myself all of 2013 to read books I already own, to purge from my four bookshelves the books I own that no longer interest me, and to either trade for credit (thank you, Title Wave Books and!), pass along to friends, or donate to the library, books I have finished or no longer wish to read.

In about 15 months, we'll know more about our future in terms of both Alaska and the military, so I am giving myself that time for downsizing my vast collection of books.

I would not call myself a minimalist in any real sense, but the household weight of books, coupled with a desire to purge what no longer interests me, weighs me down occasionally.

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Joanne Haagenson said...

I do that occasionally... :) It actually feels really good, even thought it's really hard. I've always been such a loyal customer at library book sales and the like that I had all these books that I was interested in at the time, but over the years maybe got out of that "reading phase." I'll warn you now, it's a bit painful, even if I know that I'm probably never going to read them... "but I might." And I always feel guilty getting rid of a book, even if it's to someone who will probably enjoy it more than I will. I feel like I'm telling an author, "All that work you did? You are dead to me." lol Which is silly... it's not like they're going to know!!

Good luck!!