Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reading Challenges 2013

I completely failed at this year's reading this year I'm hosting my own! I plan to read 12 year-long memoirs as a part of my Year-Long Memoir Reading Challenge (which can be found here).

I generally read a minimum of 100 books per year, and of course I wish to read at least 100 this next year. (Currently for 2012 I'm at 105!)

That said, here are my reading challenges for 2013:

The 2013 Year-Long Memoir Reading Challenge

Kimberly's Read a Latte Challenge (books+coffee=awesome)

Goal: Cappuccino level :)


Leann Richardson said...

I sucked at my reading goals last year.... LOL I like your graphic and I think I will put it up on my blog. I know I will be doing well to read 2 a month at this point but I still like your challenge. Can I join with between 12 and 24 books this year?

Leann Richardson said...

Oh, I went to her site.... the lowest is 75... know I am not making that unless I am reading children's books all year. LOL