Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Wives of Faith Wife to Wife Weekly Linkup
Some people have scads of friends, and some only a few. Today I'd like to talk about a friendship that developed over time and across miles.

I met Sara online, probably on her website through a link somewhere when I searched for military wives online. I was the wife of a military chaplain who started out reserve, went active duty, and then deployed to the Middle East after we moved several states north--all in just over one year. We emailed, she invited me to contribute to her newly-formed Wives of Faith blog, and the rest is history. I'm in my fourth year of working as the blog editor for Wives of Faith, and it's been an incredible journey.

We've talked on the phone and Skype, and met in person once, at PWOC in Dallas in 2010.

One of the best things about her is that she gets me. She also accepts me as I am, flaws and all. I appreciate that, because there are only a few people who do. :)

Sara is probably one of the few people who consistently compliments my writing. She trusts me with her unpublished manuscripts to give honest and loving feedback, and that is an amazing thing. If I ever finish a book, she'll be the first person I show it to.

Thank you, Sara. I appreciate you, girl!


Ebony S said...

Connecting like that is awesome, and meant to be rare! Otherwise, we'd never appreciate it when we found it :)

Natasha said...

It is hard enough to connect with someone face to face, that you see on a regular basis. You are definitely blessed to have built this relationship long distance.

Thank you for sharing, and thank you, Pattie and all the ladies at Wives of Faith. You have helped me to make some new friends as well.

Linda said...

Cherish such connections, because they are very hard to come by. I have such a friend like that and I am indeed very grateful for her.