Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Update from the Last Frontier

The "beach" at the Knik Arm, Earthquake Park, Anchorage, July 2012.

Yes, I said from the Last Frontier, not the Final Frontier--that would be space, as in the opening to Star Trek.


I have not written on this blog in a while, and I certainly haven't been sharing much, even on Facebook. This was a mixed-bag summer. Gorgeous weather, warm and dry, and a few visitors way up here to Alaska=positive. My oldest daughter's oral surgery and recovery, followed by finding out I need another ear surgery=challenging and less fun overall. Plus, I taught 1301 (Comp 1) during summer term.

Like I said--a mixed bag.

I read this post this morning from Anna of Girl with Blog, who is one of the new leaders for the upcoming session of (in)courager community groups, and it challenged me. It made me think.

I have been in a bit of a writing slump for a while now, but I've also recently received emails from readers of this blog. This poor neglected blog. And I realized again that I have things to share, things to say, value in who I am and the experiences I've had that have made me stronger.

The best of my writing has gone to Wives of Faith in recent years, and even now, my to-do list as blog editor is long and overwhelming. But with the ever-present quest to find some stability (not really balance, which is nigh unto impossible), I may be turning some of my writing energies toward a collaboration project with my husband's book that he started writing seven or so years ago.

In the meantime, I'll try to pop in for some encouraging words now and then for any and all chaplain's wives who find me here. And for all military wives, Wives of Faith is always open, and for military wife friends who want a different venue, (in)Courage Military Wives registration will open in a couple weeks!

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