Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sometimes the answer is no...

When I was growing up in church, I remember our youth pastor telling us that God generally answers prayer in one of three ways: Yes, No, or Wait.

Fast forward about 30-ish years.

I applied for a job a couple of months ago. Yes, I already have two paying jobs, but both are part-time and with a child headed off to college in a year and uncertainties facing the military, I thought applying for two office positions that happen to be in the same office, in a location with which I'm familiar, might not be a bad idea. Keep my options open, as it were, since it seemed like God was being awfully quiet about our future.

I had an interview that I thought went very well. Then two weeks later, as promised, I got news. A very brief email told me that the position was filled.

I got a "no."

The rest of the answer for us seems to be a very big "wait." Wait for the Lord, wait on the Lord, just plain wait.

Waiting is hard. To quote Inigo Montoya from the classic The Princess Bride:

And so, I wait. 

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